Azure Function App: Reference a Custom DLL


In this post, I’m explaining you how to reference a custom “private” DLL in your Azure Function App. In a previous post, I taught you how to reference DLL using NuGet ( ).

Here it’s about a custom DLL that you want to keep private. A company framework for instance.

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Easily Deploy Your Azure WebJob With a TFS Release Definition


In this blog post, I will explain you how to deploy an Azure WebJob via a release definition in TFS Online.

I will assume that you know what is a WebJob and how to manage it, but also how to use and configure TFS Online. I’m considering that you have the WebJob already deployed and configured to your subscription.

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Azure Functions: backup your OneDrive at rocket speed!


OneDrive is a great tool and I’m for sure not somebody that needs to be convinced about that.

Anyway, as Office 365 admin for instance, when your end-user leaves the company, for some company policies you might need to keep the data for a long term, like years…

When on premise it was easy take the storage and done, but what about if you’re in Office 365?

Azure Functions to the rescue !

In this post I will teach you how to create very performant Azure functions that will backup your OneDrive for Business content to an Azure Blob Storage.

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How to retrieve NuGet packages in Azure Functions


In this blog post I will show you how to retrieve NuGet packages in your Azure Function

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OneDrive for Business: The Admin Portal and 5 Tb as Default Storage!


Microsoft recently released the OneDrive admin portal.

A lot of product in Office 365 had dedicated admin portal, but for some reason OneDrive wasn’t.

You had then to work a lot with PowerShell or pass through the SharePoint Online to do stuff.

Now, with the admin portal accessible with this URL : , it is easier to manage OneDrive inside your organization.

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ChatServiceBus: Transform an Azure Service Bus into a Live and Offline Chat Service


Let me present you: ChatServiceBus.

ChatServiceBus has been made as an example on how to use an Azure Service Bus.

This console application allows you to make a chat with multiple people at the same time but also supports offline communication, because the two users doesn’t need to be connected at the same time to receive the message.

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OneDrive Next Gen Sync Client “Hard Reset”


Even if the OneDrive Next Gen Sync is way more stable than the old version. Sometime it might fail.

Before with the old version we had to delete the “spw” and the “office file cache” folders in order to perform “a hard reset”.

So how to do with the new version?

This is very simple.

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