Why my Azure WebJobs status is aborted ? How to solve it


I faced the issue today, back from the week-end my Azure WebJobs deployed last friday had the status Aborted.

After some research, I found that the running time of my webjob was more than 20 minutes.

20 minutes is the average time of the Azure WebApp time out, this time out has the effect to stop (aborted) the Azure WebJob.

But then how to solve it, if you want to have an Azure WebJob running much longer ?

  1. Go to your Azure portal
  2. Find and open your Azure WebApp panel
  3. Select the “settings” menu as showed in the picture below
  4. Then in the new menu that just pop out, select the “Application settings”. There you will find the property “Always On”. This is the key to keep your job running.
    The picture below show you the menu
    2I’m my case you see that the option is not clickable. This is because I’m using a Free web app pricing plan.
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4 Responses to Why my Azure WebJobs status is aborted ? How to solve it

  1. Hanz says:

    it does not work, the process was cut after 28 minutes


  2. Hanz Castillo Meza says:

    I was looking for solutions to my problem, because with the “Allways On” was not enough. And I found that you can also set parameters with keys to control the time of Aborted. Here is the link as a contribution to those who need it:


    use “WEBJOBS_IDLE_TIMEOUT” for webjob timeout.
    I hope it will help, thanks.


    • Hello thanks for your comment.

      I saw in the post:
      “WEBJOBS_IDLE_TIMEOUT – Time in seconds after which we’ll abort a running triggered job’s process if it’s in idle, has no cpu time or output (Only for triggered jobs).”

      So this is more to cut a webjob when it is waiting for something. It was something like that on your side ?

      I still do have jobs running for hours without changing this property.



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