Azure Application Insights, easily monitor your site availability around the world


I would like to introduce you a business scenario that you might face.

If you would like to monitor your site availability around the world, it’s sometime difficult to have dedicate machines in Japan, US, Europe …

With Azure Application Insights you can define actions and monitor your site availability without having to create and maintain machines around the globe.

So, I’ll take for example that I would like to monitor my SharePoint Online tenant availability, in US, Europe and Japan.

Let’s then configure my Azure Application Insights:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Application Insights menu
  3. Select Add

You will then see this menu:

blog 1

Here, fill in the form, by defining a name and select the application types as ASP.NET web application. Don’t worry this is not there that we define the location test.

  1. Select Create

Open your Azure Application Insights that you just created.

You will see this:

blog 2

  1. Select Availability
  2. Select Add Web Test and you will see this:

blog 3
Fill in the form, as you can see here I have defined a test called “My Ping Test”, it will test my SharePoint Online tenant ( by doing an “URL ping test” every 5 minutes. I have defined several locations, where I wanted to test: Chicago, Paris, Zurich… etc

You can define some alerts that will send you an email, in case of a ping test is failing in a location. Here, I set the default, so 3 locations falling in a round of 5 minutes.

 blog 5

  1. Select Create, to finish to create your Web test

Your test will be created, after several hours you will see different charts such like:

blog 4

There you can see the time of response by location, average response… etc.

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