The Truth about OneDrive Next Gen Client Boundaries and How to Edit Them.


In this post I want to summarize some defaults boundaries of OneDrive for Business next gen sync client.

You will find that by default the next gen sync client do not support upload of file bigger than 2GB. You will have to edit corresponding property to let the tool able to sync files up to 10GB.

All those properties can be found and editable (if you want to increase/decrease some boundaries) via the ClientPolicy.ini file store in the OneDrive folder. Which can be found here:


You can easily read this file with software like notepad++. Be aware that after changing properties you must restart your OneDrive client.

Below you will find the property default value and a short description:

Max File Size (MaxFileSizeBytes)

2146435072 Bytes = 2,146435072 Gigabytes

Meaning that by default the 10GB files sync are not set!! Aie!

Maximum of item in one folder (MaxItemsInOneFolder)


Number of concurrent upload (NumberOfConcurrentUploads)


Office Document type authorized for Co-Authoring (CoAuthSupportedFileExtensionsList)


Authorize Office Document extension type (Tier1FileInclusionList)


Exclusion File Type (HighVisibilityFileExclusionList)

*#*|*%*|*.ashx|*.asmx|*.json|*.soap|*.svc|*.xamlx|*.| *|* |*.files|*_files|*-Dateien|*_fichiers|*_bestanden|*_file|*_archivos|*-filer|*_tiedostot|*_pliki|*_soubory|*_elemei|*_ficheiros|*_arquivos|*_dosyalar|*_datoteke|*_fitxers|*_failid|*_fails|*_bylos|*_fajlovi|*_fitxategiak|*_vti_*|~|~site|~sitecollection|~masterurl|~templatepageurl

Example of error message:


Maximum of MB authorized to transfer per day (MaxClientMBTransferredPerDay)

131072 MB = 131,072 GB

Max URL length, which counts if you use a lot of sub-folders or sub-folders with long name (MaxUrlLength)


Block shared folder sync (BlockSharedFolderSync)


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3 Responses to The Truth about OneDrive Next Gen Client Boundaries and How to Edit Them.

  1. Eric Olemans says:

    Regarding the ClientPolicy.ini file and the MaxFileSizeBytes: editing doesn’t seem like a good idea. The file apparently gets automatically updated each time the ngODBF sync client starts again (=when you login in after a sleep), based on your tenant settings.
    MaxFileSizeBytes will automatically be updated to 10737418240 once your tenant has been upgraded to support 10 GB files. Check again, it will probably be done already. It takes Microsoft about 6 weeks to update all tenants, and they’ve started implementing this 10GB change end 2015.
    I can now sync files larger than 2 GB using the ngODFB sync client. And the web interfaces supports it as well.


    • Hello Eric, thanks for your comment. Actually on my side, I’m able to upload 10GB via the browser but still not via the next gen client 😦
      Interesting that MS is now overriding the value in the policy file !


      • Eric Olemans says:

        Have tried syncing 3 GB and 5 GB files and that works. But it’s so slooooow. Have not found the courage to try 10 GB myself. I’ll get around to it some day.


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