OneDrive Next Gen Sync Client “Hard Reset”


Even if the OneDrive Next Gen Sync is way more stable than the old version. Sometime it might fail.

Before with the old version we had to delete the “spw” and the “office file cache” folders in order to perform “a hard reset”.

So how to do with the new version?

This is very simple.

  1. Open the task manager of your system
  2. Look for the “OneDrive.exe” process and end the task
  3. Go to your OneDrive Next Gen folder in your App Data
  4. There you can see a “settings” folder. This folder contains all your configurations for your different accounts that you use.
  5. Delete the one causing issue; the personal if it is your personal or the business if it is the business. You can delete them all if you like
  6. Restart OneDrive
  7. Automatically OneDrive will ask you to reconfigure it, proceed and to avoid losing any data, re-use the same sync folder used before

That’s it !

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