OneDrive for Business: The Admin Portal and 5 Tb as Default Storage!


Microsoft recently released the OneDrive admin portal.

A lot of product in Office 365 had dedicated admin portal, but for some reason OneDrive wasn’t.

You had then to work a lot with PowerShell or pass through the SharePoint Online to do stuff.

Now, with the admin portal accessible with this URL : , it is easier to manage OneDrive inside your organization.

The portal is still in preview and to get it already now, your tenant must be in first release.

The cool new feature is to see that we can now extend the default OneDrive storage from 1 Tb to 5 Tb ! It remain not unlimited as said by Microsoft in the past, but 5 Tb of files is quite a lot already 🙂


If your organization is using Intune , you can now push policies from this portal:


You can also block via a setting the external user can share content they don’t own:


It is possible also to block specific file type to be synced by the client, very useful of you want to block well known ransomware file extension for example.


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