Azure Function App: Reference a Custom DLL


In this post, I’m explaining you how to reference a custom “private” DLL in your Azure Function App. In a previous post, I taught you how to reference DLL using NuGet ( ).

Here it’s about a custom DLL that you want to keep private. A company framework for instance.

I’m assuming in this post that you know “what is” and “how to” use an Azure Function App.

  1. Create your Azure Function App. Here: LoicBlogDemo
  2. Create your function inside. Here: MyDemoFunction
  3. Open Kudu
    a. Select your Azure Function App
    b. Select “Platform Features“
    c. Select “Advanced tools (Kudu)1
  4. On the Kudu’s page, select “Debug console”
  5. Select “PowerShell”2
  6. In the console, navigate to site -> wwwroot. There you will see the name of your function created in point 2. In my case “MyDemoFunction”, open this folder3
  7. Create a new folder called “bin”
  8. Upload (drag&drog) your wanted DLL into this bin folder4
  9. You can close Kudu and open your function again, open the run.csx file. At the first line of this file, insert :


            Where of course, %MYCUSTOMDLLNAME% equal the name of your uploaded DLL.

You’re now ready to code with your custom DLL.

Happy Function 🙂

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