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Create a SharePoint Communication site in CSOM

Hello, In this blog post, I’m assuming you know what CSOM is and how to use the PNP framework. You will find below the code to create a communication site in CSOM using PNP framework. Communication sites come with 3 … Continue reading

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SPO: Enforce the new UI even when clicking on Return to Classic

Hello, In the post, I will show you how you can enforce the new UI to your SharePoint Online site. I will assume that you know how to setup a user custom action running a JavaScript script on the site.

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OneDrive for Business: The Admin Portal and 5 Tb as Default Storage!

Hello, Microsoft recently released the OneDrive admin portal. A lot of product in Office 365 had dedicated admin portal, but for some reason OneDrive wasn’t. You had then to work a lot with PowerShell or pass through the SharePoint Online … Continue reading

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Real-time mail tracking in PowerBI with SendGrid and Azure

Hello, Mail marketing are more and more important now in companies.  Marketers want to have a lot of data in order to take the best decision for the company they work for. SendGrid is a cloud platform that help you … Continue reading

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Office 365: Main SkuId’s of licenses

Hello, In this post, I would like to share with you main SkuId’s of Office 365 licenses, in order to perform license assignation programmatically. I know that some licenses are missing here and this is why if you find/have others, … Continue reading

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Cannot perform change in Style Library on SharePoint Online with Tenant/Site Collection Admin account

Hello, Even on SharePoint Online, it’s now more and more important for companies to brand their sites. So you might need to use the SharePoint Style Library in order to store your style documents. But in Office 365 if you … Continue reading

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