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Azure Functions: backup your OneDrive at rocket speed!

Hello, OneDrive is a great tool and I’m for sure not somebody that needs to be convinced about that. Anyway, as Office 365 admin for instance, when your end-user leaves the company, for some company policies you might need to … Continue reading

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How to create and map an Azure File Storage, to store your custom DLL

Hello, I’m sure as developer you all already had the issue, when using Visual Studio’s projects referencing a local DLL not referenced at the same place than you. It’s causing a lot of issue when you try to build, and … Continue reading

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What’s the average speed transfer between Azure WebApp and Azure Storage?

Hello, I was wondering the days before, how much time should I plan, if I have to transfer data between my Azure WebApp and my Azure Blob Storage? What’s the average speed? So I made a WebJob that will upload … Continue reading

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