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Easily Deploy Your Azure WebJob With a TFS Release Definition

Hello, In this blog post, I will explain you how to deploy an Azure WebJob via a release definition in TFS Online. I will assume that you know what is a WebJob and how to manage it, but also how … Continue reading

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What’s the average speed transfer between Azure WebApp and Azure Storage?

Hello, I was wondering the days before, how much time should I plan, if I have to transfer data between my Azure WebApp and my Azure Blob Storage? What’s the average speed? So I made a WebJob that will upload … Continue reading

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Multiple Instances of Continuous Webjob in Azure, How is It Working?

Hello, In this post I would like to explain the multiple instance of a continuous WebJob in Azure. For this test, I made a simple WebJob which listens on a Storage Queue (pushqueue) and logs into another Queue (retrievequeue): The … Continue reading

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Why my Azure WebJobs status is aborted ? How to solve it

Hello, I faced the issue today, back from the week-end my Azure WebJobs deployed last friday had the status Aborted. After some research, I found that the running time of my webjob was more than 20 minutes. 20 minutes is … Continue reading

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