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Cannot perform change in Style Library on SharePoint Online with Tenant/Site Collection Admin account

Hello, Even on SharePoint Online, it’s now more and more important for companies to brand their sites. So you might need to use the SharePoint Style Library in order to store your style documents. But in Office 365 if you … Continue reading

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SharePoint Online: Mandatory fields for Custom Tile view in Promoted List

Hello, I have seen a strange behavior on SharePoint Online when I tried to create a custom view for Promoted List. Even if you select Standard or Datasheet view it doesn’t matter. You must select fields: Background Image Location Link … Continue reading

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The Truth about OneDrive Next Gen Client Boundaries and How to Edit Them.

Hello, In this post I want to summarize some defaults boundaries of OneDrive for Business next gen sync client. You will find that by default the next gen sync client do not support upload of file bigger than 2GB. You … Continue reading

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How to retrieve current SharePoint Site Collection Administrators with the Client Object Model?

Hello, In this post, I will show you how retrieve site collection administrators of the site with SharePoint Client Object Model. For the moment there are no methods or attributes that can help you to retrieve site collection admins directly.

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SharePoint Online: how to block members to reshare files, folders or site via UI and CSOM

Hello, I would like to show you a new feature available in SharePoint Online and in OneDrive for Business, that allow you to block your collaborators to share again your file with other, if they are not the owner. Imagine … Continue reading

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SharePoint CSOM Check if Folder Exist and Delete It

This method help you to check if a folder exist into a list. Hereby this code check if a folder “shared with everyone” exist into a OneDrive for Business, documents library and then delete it.

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How to change permissions of specific Sub ListItem in OneDrive for Business with CSOM

If you want to apply custom permissions to a subfolder in a list using CSOM, hereby what to do : Fetch the parent folder : Here parentFolderPath, can be : “/Documents/MyParentFolder” , this is the folder who’s containing the folder … Continue reading

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